We wanted to narrow the focus a little for today’s episode and start talking about some of the top FAQs we’ve gotten about our 9-step process for complete online marketing. We’ve done episodes diving into each of these nine steps in recent months, but for a quick refresher, here’s the full nine steps that we help brands move through to create their own powerful online strategies:

1. Market Identity

2. Brand Story

3. Web Hub

4. Social Consistency

5. Content General

6. Total Market Exposure

7. Social Listening

8. Tracking and Refining

9. SEO

Now let’s look at some of the questions we’ve received about our program, and the answers that may also help you decide if it’s the right fit for your company!

How Long Will the Full 9-Step Process Take?

Let’s divide this into two different answers based on your needs. For strategy only – where we work with you to create a plan that your own marketing team will follow through on afterward – this tends to take about a week per step, or nine weeks total (although of course this can sometimes vary according to schedules).

Other companies may want both strategy and execution, where our agency helps the company with follow-through, creating content, training employees, and more. For this process, at least six months is really required, and a year or more is ideal. That’s because it takes time to build up valuable analysis of your online performance, really understand your audience and brand, and make the best possible decision for your brand that show clear results!

What Can I Do with $10,000?

We get questions like this frequently: “We have a set amount for this stage in our marketing. What can I do with it?” So let’s say you’ve got $10,000, and you want to spend it where the investment will have the most impact.

Part of this answer depends on where you are in your brand journey. If you don’t have a website yet, for example, the money may best be spent on developing a professional site. It depends on greatly on your goals. However, in general our answer is: “If you need results for $10,000, spend it on lead generation.” This means skipping ahead to steps 5 through 9 of our process and focuses on content generation and total market exposure, with SEO that really produces a difference. Key steps here would include:

Creating traffic ads – especially video ads – to help “warm up” your target audience.
Creating a lead ad and content with a call to action that helps increase trust and get leads to explore your brand.
Creating a conversion ad designed to make a sale and build on the presence of the earlier ads by completing the process.

We’re Pretty Busy. How Much of My Time Is This Going to Take?

For our strategy-only clients, after the planning phase is over, they can set what timeline they prefer, and we’re happy to advise them on what schedule will be most effective – along with other key decisions on making new hires, assigning daily duties, and more.

If we’re working on both strategy and execution with you, then your time investment depends on a lot on which step we are currently working on. For example, we would need a lot of input when identifying your target audience and studying your market conditions, but less time as our team learns what we need and starts producing content and analysis, etc. After the first intensive meetings, we tend to meet with our best clients every week or two to talk about goals and ideas – either in person, or via call/conference.

Will You Work With My Internal Team?

Absolutely! We love having a designated contact (adding them to our Slack channel tends to work really well). This helps keep lines of communication open. We are also working on coaching options where we help teach your team new skills.

I Don’t Have a Marketing Team. Will This Still Work?

Our best clients like to view us as an extension of their business. In cases like these, we like to have a designated person as a contact for your company, but otherwise we can handle the details.

My Business Doesn’t Do Transactions Online, Can This Work for Me?

Yes. Most of our clients don’t have e-commerce, but still get valuable leads that can lead to the contracts they are familiar with.

What’s the ROI of this Process?

During our first meetings, we discuss specific goals, and what metrics or key indicators that you are most interested in – this includes traffic to your site, visits to your web forms, social ad results, and more. We then keep you constantly updated on the metrics that are most important to you.

Do I Have to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

The clients that see the best results usually sign a 12-month contracts. But that’s not required – we will work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and timeline. It could be a 3-month, 6-month, or 9-month contract. However, success with this kind of work is built up over time, so longer contracts tend to see the best results.

Do I Need to Be Local or Near Your Office?

No. Thanks to digital marketing techniques and technology, locality is not required. We generally meet with distance clients initially in person, and then have regularly digital meetings via Zoom.

I Only Need Social Media Help, Can I Still Work With You?

Yes, we love social media! However, our process will still begin the same way – by discussing and analyzing your specific goals. Then we can help create a social media plan that produces results!

Do You Do Branding?

Yes, but we are not a branding-specific agency. We can help you craft your messaging by diving deep into buyer personas and target buyer analysis, then revise brand assets to help meet your latest goals. However, branding itself is a very specific marketing process, and we would recommend one of our trusted marketing partners to help with other brand-related tasks.

How Do You Handle Reporting?

We send out a monthly report that goes over agreed metrics, KPIs (key performance indicators) and more. We use a combination of Google Analytics, social metrics (depending on the platforms you use) and SEO programs to create our reports. We’re also happy to dive into specific details during our weekly meetings if you have questions.

Speaking of questions, if you have any of your own, please contact us on any of our social media channels @21handshake. We would love to answer more!

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