Greetings! Our first episode of the season talked about important marketing trends for 2020 and why businesses should be thinking about those trends (it had a lot of useful reminders and we encourage you to go back and listen to it if you haven’t already).

But we also mentioned that 21 Handshake is going to be offering a more targeted coaching service – and we wanted to talk a little more about that. For many businesses, reading about trends and data is fine, but when it comes to actually applying that to digital marketing strategy, things get difficult. Brands may not be sure where to begin, or where to put resources, or why. So let’s talk about our coaching initiative, and why it matters!

Coaching as a Part of 21 Handshake

What is coaching to you? It’s easy to think of coaching in the business world as just another term for consulting. However, there is very important difference to note: Consultants often take on a lot of the work themselves, especially when it comes to making plans and finishing the technical side of projects. Coaches, on the other hand, work with companies every step of the way, training key personnel so they have the right skills to accomplish all the tasks themselves.

A great example of this is a social media position. A coach would come into a company, work with a team to find out who is best suited to take care of social media, and then train that person on what to do in social media until they are ready to handle the position themselves.

At 21 Handshake, we are offering coaching options for cases just like this! We love helping businesses of all sizes find and use successful marketing techniques.  However, we also understand that trusting all your strategy and execution to an outside marketing agency isn’t always a helpful path for companies. Coaching, on the other hand, lets us teach a business the tools they need to manage execution on their own – and it may be a more cost-effective option for businesses that want to manage those technical details by themselves. Let’s dig deeper, and take a look at the key ways that coaching can help a business grow!

1. Strategic Focus

A coach can help give your strategies focus. There’s a whole lot of potential marketing tactics out there: A coach can come in and say, “All right, based on what we know, this is what’s going to work best for your business and bring in the most new customers.” That can save a lot of time for companies embarking on new marketing plans – and it allows the business to put its own focus on what it does best instead of worrying about making the right marketing choices or wondering if it’s just spinning its wheels.

2. A Personal Cheerleader

Imagine a new marketing task. Now imagine that task with a support system that’s available right now to teach you all about that topic, answer all your questions, and encourage you as you complete the task. That’s what coaching can offer! That makes it a great way for employees to master important new skills.

3. Build on Your Strengths

We’re big fans of StrengthFinders, and think that every company – and the employees in that company – should be aware of their own strengths! This is an area where coaches are particularly suitable, because their external perspective can be very useful in pinpointing strengths, and they can help businesses put their strengths into practice and find more effective ways to utilize them in building a brand.

4. Accountability

When you’re working with a coach, there’s built in accountability for training and completing tasks! That makes it a lot easier to keep everyone on the same page and produce real results. Coaching can also help businesses avoid falling into the trap of chasing whatever new and shiny tool or tech is being talked about right now.

5. Knowing What to Do

It’s easy for a business to say, “We need to do more for marketing!” It’s hard for a business to know exactly what things it should do. Coaching helps a business understand exactly what it needs to do so that time and resources aren’t wasted on unnecessary things. Our industry experience means more efficient processes for your business – successfully applied knowledge with direct benefits! And this isn’t just for the short term either: Coaching can also help businesses create long-term plans that will guide their marketing and growth efforts for years into the future.

6. Honest Motivation Without the BS

Good intentions are nice, but they can quickly lose steam, especially in a busy business environment. A coach can help keep you focused and motivated…without any fake BS. If you need a push at the right time when you’re falling behind, a coach can provide it. Improvement takes both hard work and honesty.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more, than you – yes you – are in luck! We are starting our beta program for coaching, but here’s the deal: The beta offer is only available to the first 10 people to apply. You can apply right now by heading over to our COACH webpage and signing up right now to get the offer.

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