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We have an extra special episode today about our new signature solution program – the 9 steps that your company can use to digitally revolutionize your sales team without giving up your current plans. But first, as always, we’re starting with some interesting news about the latest marketing and social media events.

First, Instagram is launching a new messaging app, something of a correlation between Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The app is called “Threads” and it’s specifically designed to help you connect with close friends. We’re talking really close friends, because it includes a feature that automatically updates your contacts with little emojis about where you are and what you’re doing. It’s still a visual app – you use it to take photos and video – but text options are allowed too, and any message you send will show up in Instagram Direct messages, so your Insta “close friends” don’t need to download the new app.

Our second big story is a piece from America Express that ties in with our big news, and it’s all about how your business deserves a better sales process. The article focuses on an important point: That sales team systems and important improvements can fall through the cracks when business is doing great…which leads to serious struggles if sales start to slump and you’re more dependent than ever on your sales team to bring in new business.

This is why a comprehensive marketing process is so important: These modern systems help you track data, automate leads, remind teams to follow up on important contents, help schedule key calls or visits, and combine all lead generation data in one spot for easier analysis, delegation, and planning.

Of course, this sounds great written out like that, but in real life it can be a steep challenge for businesses that are already maximizing their time and resources…which brings us to our digital marketing system solution! This “signature solution” is designed to help you create a 24/7 sales team using the right marketing strategy to help with prospects and ongoing customer management. We have the owner of 21 Handshake, Isaac Oswalt, to talk about how we developed this 9-step solution, what it does, and why it’s so important for businesses to consider!

Main Segment: The Basics of the 21 Handshake Signature Solution

21 Handshake has a number of clients – both those who want help building some in-house solution, and clients that want us to do everything on our end so they can focus on their own specialties. And there are all kinds of businesses in between that have lots of specific ideas or goals for sales and marketing, but they don’t really know how viable these ideas are or how to implement them. It very quickly became obvious that the businesses we worked with needed a cohesive, overarching digital marketing strategy that they could use to structure their sales force while also making the improvements they wanted to make. This plan also had to be flexible enough to accommodate all sorts of B2B companies with varying needs.

As a result – and with much work over time – 21 Handshake developed the Signature Solution and its 9 steps. These steps are designed to be used as a whole to create an interlocking sales and marketing management system for both data and action. Picking and choosing one step that you really like doesn’t work: The value comes from using all the steps together to create the right workflow within your company.

The 9 steps are organized into three different layers building up from a key starting point (if a business doesn’t know what to do, that’s great – it’s the ideal place to begin!). These layers are constructed much like a house, from foundation to front door.


The foundation is all about getting organized and getting ready implement other tools. Think of it as preparing your defense before going on offensive: You want to make sure that the prospects you are generating right now can find you online and have a clear path to a transaction with your business. There’s a lot of important preparation in these first three steps, and they’ll make all the other steps possible.


1. Market Snapshot: Every brand is a little vague at the beginning of the process, and that’s okay. The first step is to clarify your goals, find out exactly what you want from marketing and sales, and taking a close look at the current market. That means researching your target audience, the buying processes in your industry, and generally where you and your customers are both at.


2. Brand Story: The next step is to create a brand story, the basis for your most important marketing content. This is all about finding a compelling story that helps your brand stand out from the crowd. This step will help set the tone and response for many future decisions! Many companies don’t have a cohesive “story” that every employee knows and understands, which leads to varying or confusing sales responses. This step changes that (we like to start with a central video for this part).


3. Web Hub: Next, it’s time to create a website that will be able to handle all your sales and marketing work. Here we often find that business websites are a little too outdated for today’s integrated systems (and may not have been updated in years). Here, businesses brush up their digital structures so that all tools are ready to implement. If you want new content or copy, the brand story step has already created what you need!


The frame is where business can start going on the offensive. Here a lot of content creation takes places, and brands learn how to move from more passive sales strategies to more active strategies that will help create more opportunities.


4. Social Hub: Your website isn’t the only place where prospects learn about your business. In fact, depending on your business, your potential customers may be spending a lot of time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, or other platforms. In this step, we help businesses sign up for the right social media platforms and create profiles with the right information so they can start turning their target audience into followers and generating more business.


5. Content Generation: To be active in the digital world, you need a lot of content – not just one wave of permanent content, but ongoing content campaigns with a variety of mediums, including text, images and video. Many businesses have no idea where to start when creating this type of content. That’s where 21 Handshake comes in! We’ll make sure you have a variety of content designed to reach as many people as possible, tailored to your story and your platforms, which you can use in many online spaces.


6. Total Market Exposure: How proactive are your connections with prospects? In this step we take a close look at your ad strategy and create a digital ad plan to reach your audience. This can include social ads, organic ads that show up on Google, and much more. After this step, your brand should have the presence it deserves in the digital world!

Front Door

The front door is where businesses customize the solution and create vital marketing habits that will last long into the future.


7. Digital Dialogue: Your business needs to be able to engage in online conversations. And we specifically mean conversations, real discussions with customers and prospects online. That means comments on social media, emails, digital messages, phone calls, and many other types of communication. Ideally, brands should at least reach out to their leads/clients regularly using these tools. Yes, this can take time and training – but it’s very important!


8. Track and Refine: Every good marketing plan looks at the data and retargets as necessary. In this step businesses learn about how to analyze content performance and online traffic, and use that to make key decisions about ads, websites, and other types of content. Regular tracking and tweaking will help all the other steps work more effectively. It can also help you pinpoint content and tactics that are surprisingly effective and should be used more in the future (which can sometimes be surprising).


9. Search Dominance: Search dominance is about establishing the right SEO practices for your brand to get the best results (and do better than your competition). This helps create the right keywords for your business that will help with future content, and allow you to reach more specific parts of your target audience – as well as understanding their intent more clearly. It’s a great way to understand your market more and save money on marketing choices.

Remember, you can listen to the podcast to get more information and learn some of the other exciting details about our 9-step Signature Solution (as well as some really great analogies). If you want to register for our webinar on the 9-steps, you can quickly sign up for free right here!

As always, if you want to learn more about sales/marketing systems, have a question about our steps, or have your own sales story to tell, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us @21handshake on social media and let us know! If you liked the episode, it would mean a lot if you gave us review and shared with a friend. Thanks!