News Segment

In our first update, it looks like Instagram is yet again making changes to its platform – this time, focused on limiting influencer’s reach toward kids. Specifically, Instagram posts that promote weight loss products will be blocked from users under 18 – they’ll just see a “failed to load” icon for those images. This is obviously difficult to argue with and a smart step for Instagram, but it’s unlikely that they’ll stop here: What other influencer reach will they limit in the months to come? We’ll keep an eye on it!


Second, Facebook is implementing several video ranking features that have appeared on the way for some time – and all brands should know about it! First, original content – videos that you make and publish yourself – will rank better, and videos that you share from other sources will rank worse. Facebook is also rewarding videos that people watch for at least three minutes, where it’s previous suggestion was to keep people watching for one minute. These are interesting changes, and it’s hard to see what the fallout will be right away, but it’s important for brands to focus on making their original content.


Now onto our main segment! We had some fun today interviewing the team and asking questions to get to know them a little better! You can listen to the full set of questions on our podcast, but we are going to list some of the favorite fun facts we uncovered here, to give you a taste of what it’s like!


Ashley Is Researching Etsy As an eCommerce Platform

Yes, Ashley has her own shop (@WickerandGlass, you should check it out), and she’s been looking into using Etsy for ecommerce. Etsy is a very popular choice for these kinds of shops and provides a lot of useful tools for entrepreneurial artists. Check out her store when you have a chance, and remember that it’s always possible to sell through multiple channels.


Ashley Thinks More B2B Companies Need to Be Aware About Social Media Marketing

Some of our questions involved common myths that the team wants to debunk! Ashley’s pick was how B2B companies don’t think they need social media to help with their marketing. That’s a fundamental misunderstanding of how social media works and who uses it these days. With the right calls to action and messages, B2Bs can see big results from a social media campaign.


Justice Would Like to Remind People That Graphic Design Really Matters

It’s a vital part of content! If you have a good message and good design, then you will see results. But even a good message, when paired with poor graphic design, will struggle. Graphic design helps with navigation, perception, awareness (just noticing the message/ad is there), and how professional your brand appears. Don’t forget about it, and don’t underestimate how important graphic design is to all types of content and brand presence.


Don’t Underestimate How Much You Learn Just Talking with Friends

This is a growing, organic trend among young professional that Ashley – and many others – have found to be useful: Talk to your work friends! That sounds easy, but it’s a very powerful networking step these days. Not only can you find out new opportunities (a traditional reason to make friends with your peers at work), but you can also learn about new features and tools for platforms you use every day. It’s a great way to stay update on both your industry and the technology around – and all you need to do is make some more friends! You can also form social media groups for similar purposes for more spread-out teams.


Justice Has a Backup Plan – Joining a Consultation Service!

If he wasn’t working for 21 Handshake, he’d love to be part of a consulting firm that helps target specific solutions for problems that companies have. Fortunately, 21 Handshake also helps brands with consulting and planning services, which allows Justice to expand his consulting skills while doing what he loves.


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