The team here likes to use Quora to learn more information and find out specific details about processes or topics. Quora is a large Q and A site where professionals can come and give lengthy, well-thought-out answers to common questions people have (it can also be used as a marketing option to produce some helpful content that gets your brand name out there).

So, this week we decided to do something a little different: We’re going over the top ten social media marketing questions on Quora, and talking about what our answers would be!

How Do I Raise Brand Awareness Across Social Media?

Create your pages! Google Business, Facebook, Twitter, and many others are just waiting for you to create business profiles. Just the simple act of filling out these profiles will benefit your SEO and traffic. Then it’s just a matter of getting into a routine of posting content related to your business.

What Is the Best Marketing Automation Tool for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses?

We are fans of HubSpot and Infusionsoft, as well as Zoho and Pipe Drive. But really, the best automation tool depends on your specific workflow process and what your social media marketing goals are like. There are incredible simple automation tools for your social media posts, and very complex versions. Ask your peers, do your research, and you are sure to come up with a good tool.

What Is Your Favorite Platform For Social Media Marketing?

Facebook has been doing an incredible job of appealing to businesses lately. The latest versions of its business pages are highly customizable and allow for direct selling, chatbots, easy review visibility, and much more. Plus, Facebook’s ad platform is highly developed and easy to use for specific targeting when you want to reach a lot of people. However, you should always try to go where your audience goes.

What is a Better Metric for LinkedIn Ads, Traffic or Conversion?

That depends on your goals. However, we suggest starting with traffic. Build your traffic to appreciable levels, and then start moving the focus over to conversion! Fortunately, LinkedIn’s latest ad changes make creating and publishing LinkedIn ads easier and more effective.

Does Social Media Help Increase Website Traffic?

When used correctly, yes! First, always make sure your profiles include links back to your website, and that posts about your products always link to the right landing page so people can visit to learn more. Additionally, use your CTAs wisely in social media to help drive traffic to your web forms and email fill-outs. This will increase traffic and give you a lot more leads, turning that traffic into something useful.

What’s Your Best Social Media Marketing Tip?

Just get started! Don’t let anything else get in your way, just start. That’s literally the most important thing. Afterwards, focus on creating content that’s right for your business and platform: All types of content have their roles, and it’s important to learn them.

What’s the Best Social Media Scheduler?

There are a lot of them out there! We like Sprout SocialTweetdeck, and Hootsuite. These are all very popular options that have a ton of satisfied customers. But again, the best solution depends on your situation. Also note that many automation platforms discussed above will include the scheduling tools that you need.

What’s the Creepiest Social Media Trend Currently

We’d have to say the trend of putting everything on social media, down to intimate details. That stuff doesn’t go away people! It stays around forever, and can haunt you many years down the life. And it’s not just people making unwise decisions about themselves – there are a lot of parents posting things about their kids that really need to think about what they’re doing.

What’s the Best Way of Marketing with Cheap Costs?

Social media excels at this. Setting up profiles, building audiences, and creating content doesn’t cost much money. You don’t even need to pay subscription costs unless you need some of the more advanced tools. You can also spend money post by post and ad by ad to focus only on your most effective content, and avoid wasting expenses in a “shotgun” approach that’s often hit or miss.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Where is your audience of ideal buyers? If your audience is on social media, then it’s important! It’s really that simple. Social media isn’t a silver bullet to fix every marketing problem, and the same social media solutions don’t work for every business. But overall, social media has become an increasingly important pillar of marketing strategy, due to how digital our world has become.

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