If it’s been a while since you have checked out on what LinkedIn has to offer, you may be pleasantly surprised at all the changes that have occurred over the past several months. LinkedIn has been reinventing itself to be more friendly to businesses with reworked “Company Pages” that could make your hiring process significantly easier.

So, what’s changed? Well, LinkedIn has unveiled a number of new features for everyone from small starting businesses to larger corporations, so let’s take a look at all the important updates!

Better Pages Conversations

Company Pages (now called LinkedIn Pages) are generally managed by a “community manager” that generally oversees the recruitment process and any networking possibilities on the Page. These community managers now have a lot more social capabilities, which allow them to manage LinkedIn Pages more like that you would manage a Facebook page.

For example, managers can now link their Pages to specific hashtags that will make it easier for applicants to find the business, as well as keep the managers updated on any important news related to those hashtags (industry and brand-specific hashtags are obviously a good idea here). In addition to posting images, video and text on the pages, managers can now also post more long-form content, such as PDFs, Word document, and PowerPoint. This gives them the ability to include helpful company information, training content, and more.

Oh, and mobile capability has been reworked too, so managers can do all of this from mobile devices.

Page Layout and CTAs

Before, it was difficult to create powerful Calls to Action on the LinkedIn Pages – Facebook, on the other hand, does this very well, with clear and customizable CTA buttons that can help people immediately buy products or navigate to a web form, etc. LinkedIn clearly saw that this was a great idea, and outright admits that its new call to action button is modeled after Facebook’s. Visitors can use this button to start a chat or find out more specific information once they are on your brand page.

Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions is a new option that allows page managers to see what sort of topics their audience has been interested in recently, which includes recommended posts and articles for managers to check out. We’re particularly excited about this change, because new ideas for content are always valuable, and this synergy with LinkedIn makes Content Suggestions one of the new best places to go online if you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas for a new campaign or blog post.

Note that this particular tool only works on LinkedIn. In other words, it only provides you with information on what people are looking at on the site itself, not anywhere else. Fortunately, LinkedIn has an appreciable amount of content for many different industries, so this can still be very useful.

Company Post Sharing

Let’s say you found a really great post on LinkedIn: Maybe one of your employees made a great post from their own profile about how much they love working for your company, or a new customer posted a testimonial that recommended other businesses check out your services. In the past, there was no way to share those posts on a LinkedIn Business Page. Now you can easily share such posts directly to the brand’s LinkedIn page, focusing that organic content so that it can do as much good as possible.

Career Pages

Potential employees want to know everything about your business. They are interested in how your company works, what your job structure is like, how friendly the employees are, and what it’s like to be there, day to day. LinkedIn makes it easier to share this information with Career Pages. These Pages are divided into a Life tab and a Jobs tab. You can include information about your company in both tabs to provide a more complete view of your company and the benefits of working there. Remember, it’s common for today’s younger working generations to do a lot of research on their own when applying to different businesses. Career Pages can be a powerful tool to bring in more applications!

Future Connections with Various Apps

LinkedIn is also busy creating new connections with a variety of apps to allow LinkedIn information to pass more smoothly back and forth between other services that you might be using. For example, the network has new integration with Hootsuite that allows Hootsuite users to receive notifications about LinkedIn activity. Another partnership with Crunchbase allows LinkedIn to incorporate insightful Crunchbase content about specific companies on the LinkedIn pages those companies have. Such announcements pave the way for a much more integrated and ultimately useful service!