Video, as we like to remind everyone, is extraordinarily effective. Around 85% of internet traffic is supposed to be made of online videos this year. 80% of people can remember internet videos they saw as long as a month ago, and about 80% of Generation Y buyers are using video to help them make purchasing decisions. In other words, video works!

Micro-video is a special kind of video that’s made to be fast and easy to watch on any platform – whether you’re scrolling through social media, looking up info on your phone, or making a quick email check before lunch. Typically, these videos are between 5 and 15 seconds long. They’re also very effective for small business use, and we’re going to talk about why.

Capture Attention in a Fast-Moving Online World

Micro videos are effective because they are short. Remember, people don’t have much time when they are scrolling through the internet, even if they are research projects or acting on behalf of a business. Their attention spans are still short, and they will still give only a portion of their time to a brand, no matter how much you have to say. Micro videos, then, are the ideal content to make a quick brand introduction and explain important things in a short period, no filler or waiting required.

This is also why micro-videos tend to be watched in silent mode, with text captions to enable understanding. This is a common way to watch videos online, in social media especially, when people don’t have much time or patience. So these short-and-sweet clips need to be ready for silent playback!

Create Video Quickly and Easily

If you’ve ever tried or thought about creating a social media marketing video for your business, you know how much work can go into it. Creating sets, writing scripts, getting the lighting right, doing multiple shoots, not to mention all the editing…it’s a real project! Micro videos, however, are simpler content that’s a lot easier to put together, especially under short notice.

With their time constraints, micro videos can only really focus on one idea and just a few lines of text/speech. This focus adds a lot of clarity to the production process, and makes it easier for everyone involved. It also makes micro videos a great place to start if your company is uncomfortable with video or still learning how to produce and use it properly.

Provide Quick Facts to Educate an Audience

One excellent use of social media ready videos is offering a couple of important facts in an easy-to-view format. Sometimes, a quick product demo is all you need. Around 85% of millennials say they find product demos helpful when researching! This is also a great use of content if you have products are services that are a little difficult to understand at a glance, and could use a fast primer to enable new viewers. Sometimes explaining the process through video, or showing just how your product makes a difference in a simple, is by far the most effective way of communicating important points.

Offer Time-Sensitive Information

Because these videos can be produced so quickly, they’re also ideal for conveying time-sensitive information. This could be quick shots of a marketing event or showcasing discounted products. Micro videos can also be used to provide updates on new construction, let customers know you’re still open in bad weather, and so on.

Fuel Effective, Fast Ads for Social Media

Social media ads, much like all social media video, benefit from short clips that strongly communicate a message in a brief amount of time (again, without audio, preferably). When you create a micro video, there are a lot of different ways you can share it. However, you should definitely think about using such videos to create social media ads. Once a micro video has been properly developed, it’s easy to share via an ad service, making them a great way to expand your audience.

Encourage Your Audience to Share Videos for Organic Growth

We’ve used the term “easily digestible” a couple times already, and this particularly feature has many advantages. One of them is that short, sweet videos are much easier to share with friends and peers. This is an easy way to expand your reach and improve your social ROI. So when you’ve made an attractive micro video that you’re proud of, don’t forget to suggest that viewers can share it with other people.

Are micro videos looking like a good use of your time? We think so! If you want to pursue this content, you should definitely check out 21 Handshake’s video creation and strategy packages, which include an option for Social Media-Ready video. This can be a great choice for companies that don’t have much experience in video creation but want to start tapping into video’s marketing power!