With 2016 on the horizon, you’re probably thinking about your business goals. If you’re reading this blog, your goals probably involve things like reaching your B2B prospects, expanding your reach, and new business growth.

Remember from our old post here that your goal with B2B content marketing is relieving your customer’s pain. If you want to hit the ground running next year, simply start by thinking about your client’s’ goals for the new year. Create content around those goals, and you’ll have their attention all year long.

Here are some of the things that might be keeping your B2B clients awake at night:

Going Mobile

Mobile has been a hot topic for quite a while, but it looks like it’s going to reach a tipping point in 2016. By the end of the year, it’s estimated that total smartphone users will surpass 2 billion for the first time. By 2018, more than half of cell phone users will have smartphones.

If you aren’t prepared to optimize and go mobile, you are going to start losing rank digitally. It is time to dust off the ‘old’ website and prepare a new game plan of action. You can bet your competitors are.

Getting More Active on Social Media

Social media is enormous. In 2015, almost three-quarters of Internet users had at least one social media platform. In fact, the total number of social media users is expected to grow by about 20 million per year over the next several years.

Like mobile platforms, social media is about to become a staple instead of a competitive advantage. Clients that don’t have a strong online presence are likely quite worried.

Recruiting Better Talent

Recruiting is one of the largest concerns facing many businesses in 2016. The economy is strengthening, giving prospects more job options than ever. Tactics, like selling talent, blind resume screening, and relying on analytics, are taking over. If your clients aren’t worried about continuing to attract top talent, they should be.

Taking Advantage of Their Concerns

To take advantage, you need to think of the services and products you offer that could ease your client’s concerns. Do you have something that gives them extra time or money to focus on a strategic concern? Do you have a service that could help them directly? They key is figuring out exactly what problems your prospects have, and finding a way to spin yourself as the solution.

If you’re having problems identifying with your audience, make sure to download our Mitten Marketing Guide. Follow the advice provided there and 2016 will be your best year ever!

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