inbound marketing for manufacturing companies

If the traditional B2B marketing tactics you use to market your manufacturing company don’t seem to be working like they once did, there is a logical reason.

Things change.

We know that seems simplistic, but the reality is many manufacturing companies haven’t grasped the full ramifications of these changes. They may have a fear that embracing technology in marketing is impersonal. Many have grown their companies with hard work, handshakes and by building relationships.

There is good news. You can still grow your company by building relationships. It’s just that the vehicle has changed.

We would like to help you recognize the full power of technology in marketing and increase your inbound marketing efforts. We can show you how to use knowledge and experience to build trust and relationships. In the process you will be growing your manufacturing company.


A Growth Strategy for Manufacturers

Inbound marketing uses strategies to reach prospects where there is …on the internet.

Think about how your own buying process has changed. Your customers and prospects buying process has changed as well. Recent research has shown that 62% of manufacturers now believe their websites have the biggest impact on their sales.

If your website hasn’t been updated in years or doesn’t provide value, that should make you more than uneasy. Your potential customers are conducting much of their homework. There is research that indicates over 70% of the buying decision is done before they even contact you or a competitor. Well-planned Internet marketing strategies for manufacturing companies are critical in reaching these prospects and funneling them to your company. That is the purpose of inbound marketing. But it doesn’t minimize relationships. It magnifies the importance of building them.

Make the Decision Today

If you haven’t made the conscious decision to increase your inbound marketing efforts, our new free guide can help you recognize their full benefits. We invite you to download your copy a free resource…

The Manufacturing Guide to Business Growth

Learn how to get your prospects attention, how to nurture them with your expertise, experience, and knowledge, and how to turn them into long-term clients. This is all done without the need for endless cold calls or heavy-handed sales tactics. It is done without “chasing” them down. It is a way for you to get them to choose to do business with you.

These are fresh, yet proven tactics to create and strengthen new relationships with inbound marketing.

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