Historically, content marketing has been synonymous with inbound marketing – growing awareness for your product/brand through an online sales funnel. It’s provided enough confusion in the online marketplace that we had to run a blog post ourselves about the differences between the two!

Content marketing is definitely a great way to attract new customers. However, it’s just as good at helping increase value of existing customers. Considering that a 10% increase in retention rate leads to a 30% increase in the value of your company, cultivating your current customers needs to be a priority.

Here’s how it an serve your current customers, and how to tweak your current strategies to help serve them better:

 Why Content Marketing is Perfect for Current Customers

Content marketing provides value and opens conversations between you and your audience. It makes sense that it helps increase the value of existing customers. Here are three important ways content marketing helps:

  • Helps form post-purchase decisions. After a customer converts, they’re still in evaluation mode. They need to decide whether to stick with you or try another B2B provider. A stream of useful content helps improve their opinion of your and solidify you as a knowledge industry leader.
  • Connects you further. The more often a customer hears from you, the more connected they’re going to be. Simply keeping the conversation open is often all it takes to convert somebody from a one-off customer to a loyal brand advocate.
  • Encourages future purchases. Content is a great way to keep your audience aware of future product releases and service enhancements. At the very least, it keeps you in front of them so they’re ready to turn to you again when they need to make another purchase.

 Leveraging Content to Boost Current A Current Customer’s Value

If you want to leverage content to increase the value of existing customers, you have to be strategic. Here’s a useful example: develop a 3 or 4-part email series for post-purchase customers. It can include tips, FAQs, and a bit of upselling. You’ll improve their experience and increase sales at the same time.

For existing customers, the most important concern is relevance. You’ve already made at least one sale, so you don’t need to churn content out to get your name out there. Two or three pieces of content a month is more than enough, as long as it’s useful, interesting, and relevant.

For more help on cultivating additional opportunities with your existing customers, download our Mitten Marketing guide here. It includes everything you need to know about attracting new customers, cultivating existing ones, and everything in-between.+

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