The Knickerbocker and Brian Hogan

The Place – The Knickerbocker: Knickerbocker’s “New Holland” approach to beer takes what was once old and reinvents it for the modern audience. This includes light summer ales, dark oat-rich stouts, American IPAs, and much more (plus regular limited releases). The pub backs this up with a menu inspired by historical European fare.

The Business Leader – Brian Hogan: Brian is the president of Hi-Tec Building Services, a more-than-just-cleaning company. Under his leadership, Hi-Tec combined its 50 years of experience in janitorial services with a cutting-edge focus on certification and in-demand skills. Now Hi-Tec is a uniquely qualified company that offers specialized services to schools, medical buildings, and a variety of commercial companies with particular maintenance needs.

Sneak Peek: How to Be in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Brian’s development of Hi-Tec is a great success story – and sometimes success is all about the right positioning. Here’s what you need to know about waiting for the right opportunity, and then seizing it when it comes.


Plan for Multiple Tries and Hard Work

It’s common advice, but you really do have to put in the hours and attempts to find your chance. Perfect positioning doesn’t happen all at once. Many times you can find the right place, many times you can move at the right time – doing both at once takes repeated effort. So the “get up and try again” philosophy of entrepreneurship holds particularly true here.

Don’t Be Afraid to Wait for Luck

This point ties well into the first: Luck can play a major role in your success, and that’s okay. Sometimes you really will get that one phone call that changes everything, or that one chance meeting in a hallway that turns your world upside down. And yes, sometimes being a business leader means waiting and watching for those lucky moments.

Be Willing to Embrace the Big Changes

Being at the right place and the right time is just the beginning: Those important moments of transition require big and typically sudden changes on your part. This requires a certain amount of willingness to drop everything and seize the opportunity. Learn to be as flexible as possible when searching for the right chance.

Use the Past to Position Yourself in the Future

This bit of advice sounds like an inspirational poster, but it has plenty of roots in real experiences. As you work in an industry, you learn from past trends, sales and mistakes – and those things tend to repeat or come in cycles. That means that the future will bring many situations that will start to look familiar. You can use the experience you have gained to position yourself for the best opportunities…as long as you are watching carefully.

Find the People You Rely On

Taking advantage of luck and opportunities is a tough job when you are on your own. Bring people into the company that you can trust, people who have an eye for opportunities and can help you take swift action at a moment’s notice. Build your team with the best and you will be ready!

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