O.H.S.O Brewery and Bradley Hartmann

The Place – OHSO Brewery: This “nanobrewery” and distillery does just about everything right, from a dog-friendly pub to a range of unique beers far more varied and interesting than OHSO’s humble approach would indicate. Just scanning the beer list is an education – and when you combine that with a fully menu of unique foods, well, it’s surprising that we got any talking done at all. The brewery has several locations around Scottsdale, AZ, including a new pub coming to Gilbert.

The Business Leader – Bradley Hartmann: Bradley worked his way up in the LBM industry from the age of 14 until he went to college, where he specialized in Spanish communication skills. From here, he worked in the lumber and builder material industry, gaining experience with a major home builder throughout midwest markets until he was ready to start his own venture in 2011, called Red Angle, Inc. With Red Angle and his books on communication, Bradley seeks to help other companies, particularly homebuilders, understand the important of Hispanic engagement and how shifting cultural trends also leading to shifting business priorities.

How to Apply Your Own Talents to a Business Venture

Sounds obvious, right? Of course you are going to be bringing your own talents to the table when starting a company. But as Bradley Hartmann shares, it’s not just business acumen that can help out – it’s important to remember your full life experiences, and how they can help you find the perfect niche your market.

See Your Industry as It Will Be and Could Be

The key ingredient here is vision. Before you can apply your talents, you need to understand where your industry is at, and what it is going through. This was particularly important when Bradley looked around at the rapidly changing LBM industry in the late 2000s, but it holds true for any business. Equally important is the ability to look beyond the present conditions and see where the industry is heading – how current trends are affecting the workforce, the demand for alternative products, new payment options, etc. Get a good view of the landscape, and you’re ready to start making a plan.

Review the Skills You Already Have

Don’t just think about your job experience or work-related skills. Think about everything you’ve studied, the hobbies you’ve had throughout your life, and the things you know well. Often, your most powerful or unexpected asset will be skills that you never before considered applying to your business – skills that add the right innovation, or the new perspective that you need.

Find What Needs to Be Done

Now you have two different parts: The landscape of your industry moving forward, and a review of the skills you’ve built up in your life. It’s time to join the two, and find the right fit – ideas about how your unique talents can add new life in areas where the industry needs it. In Bradley’s case, there was a clear need for business owners and managers to understand the complexities of another language, an issue for which few solutions existed.

Talk to Everyone About Your Idea

Okay, you’ve got some interesting ideas about working your talents into a new business to give it an edge. Now talk to people about it! Use your industry contacts to explore your plans. “You’ll learn from people who hate your idea or love it,” Bradley says. Different perspectives are vital when smoothing out a concept and finding an effective way to implement ideas!

To find out more about Bradley’s multilingual experiences in homebuilding and other industry lessons, watch the full video on our YouTube Channel by clicking below or here!

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