Brewery Vivant and Jordan Bush

The Place – Brewery Vivant: Vivant is an impressive indoor biergarten in the Belgian tradition, an excellent place to bring family and friends with a highly authentic atmosphere and many delicious microbrews to choose from. Vivant specializes in farmhouse brews, those cloudier beers brewed with local ingredients and a lot of extra flavor. Be sure to try the expansive, sustainable menu, too!

The Business Leader – Jordan Bush: Jordan’s career path as an attorney involved in commercial real estate has stretched in all sorts of directions – and he has loved every moment of it. He’s worked in multiple sectors, both with the government (as a District Director for Representative Amash, among other jobs) and private companies, and even helped start a security consultation company with a focus on disaster recovery. Currently, Jordan is working with Alles Law, specialized in estate planning and real estate, and we’re glad he got the time to sit down and talk about how his career path experiences have made him stronger.

Why You Need to Be Flexible About Clients, Industries, and More

1. It’s a Different Job Market Out There

Job reports have confirmed this for years, but it’s worth repeating: The days where you could work a job for 30-40 years and retire with the golden watch are long over. Today’s employees are used to moving around, jumping into different industries, and trading one job for another while chasing their dreams. It’s the new professional path…and it does have its advantages. Even as an entrepreneur, it’s important not to get too tied down – and to understand that your employees don’t want to be tied down either.

2. More Experience Will Always Equal More Opportunities

More contacts. More networking. More locations to tap into. Gaining experience in new areas, whether physical or within your industry, will provide you with more opportunities no matter what you do. Some clients or employees you will be able to bring with you – sometimes it’s just the experience in new communication channels that’s worthwhile.

3. Adaptability Is Useful Throughout Business

Flexibility isn’t just about switching to a different specializations or industries (although it certainly helped Jordan out). That sort of open-mindedness is useful while making all sorts of business decisions. It will help train you to respond to sudden market changes, or the need for a new tech solution, or the option to reorganize into a more efficient structure. Take advantage of that!

4. You Can Be Surprised By What You End Up Enjoying

Try new things. It’s a little like experimenting with food or music: You can discover new job opportunities that are more exciting and fulfilling than you imagined. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how much you enjoy something until you jump in. Who knows? You may find a new professional passion!

5. Vertical/Horizontal Integration May Be More Applicable Than You Think

Vertical and horizontal integration typically refer to when a corporation expands into a related supply/market area that synergizes with their current focus. But this is true for your personal experience as well. Related specializations can help you provide a better overall customer experience, answer questions more accurately, and offer additional help and solutions that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

6. You Have a Fallback

If something goes wrong with your industry – we all know what a real estate crash looks like, for instance – then you have experience somewhere else to fall back on. That’s important when the time comes to make hard decisions.

To catch the whole interview and learn more about the differences between public and private enterprise (and why estate planning is important), you can watch the video here!

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