The Place: Thornapple Brewing. Thornapple is a charming full service brewery that loves to experiment with all kinds of season brews as well as popular favorites like Marzen the Martian, Thunder Cloud Ride IPA, and Pacific Sessions IPA. They also produce several ciders and even a few meads for those who want exciting alternatives. Their menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, sandwiches, salads and pizzas – and even if you aren’t hungry, there are events at the brewery every day of the week. Basically, you’re out of excuses!

The Business Leader: Marisa Hohaia. Marisa is a partner and Executive Search Consultant at Search Collective. Search Collective offers consultation services for employers and job seekers. However, Marisa also has a long history of search and recruiting positions in a variety of different companies, where she has learned much about what makes a team work and when you know that a jobseeker is a good fit.

Different Work Experiences Help You Understand Your Own Role as an Employer

Marisa’s own experience working with different industries and in different companies is it’s own kind of special skill. While there’s something to be said for planting roots in one industry and community, moving around and trying out different things can be very eye opening to an entrepreneur. You learn how different workers think, what practices are universal, and how much you don’t know about certain industries or practices. These are great benefits for entrepreneurs looking to settle and make smart employment decisions.

To Recruit Employees, It’s Important to REALLY Understand Your Industry

When you do settle into a business, take time to understand the industry before you start hiring. Not all hiring and management practices carry out equally across every industry, and there can be some big differences. Most entrepreneurs know this theoretically, but it’s easy to assume all hiring practices and employee expectations are relatively the same. Not so: Find a trusted expert in the industry to help you with hiring, and start learning!

Employment Is an Incredibly Diverse Concept These Days

You hear a lot of conversation about the gig economy and new flexible work situations these days. This all points to an incredibly diverse workplace, and that means jobseekers who are very diverse in what they’re looking for. Some want a solid 9-to-5 and clear expectations for coming into work every day. Some want an on the go job. Other prefers to work from home, or to at least have that opportunity. With more diverse attitudes than ever before, it’s important to consider what both you and recruits are looking for in employment.

When In Doubt, Spend Time With People

Worried that your employment skills aren’t as great as you’d like them to be? The key here is experience – basically, never underestimate the importance of talking with people. It doesn’t have to be employees or recruits, either! Talking to everyone in your industry is a great way to learn more about how people think, what they want, and the signs that someone is a good worker who is knowledgeable about their area of expertise. In other words, look for opportunities to have knowledge-rich discussions, and eventually you will grow more confident as an employer.

Things Do Get Easier!

It’s common (and we’re guilty of this too) to talk about how entrepreneurs are always working, always on the move, and always learning new things (see above). But it’s also important to recognize that you do get better at things. New skills and new ventures won’t always be this hard, or take this much time. Entrepreneurs need to remember this before they work themselves too hard or start having a poor work/life balance.

It’s Okay to Admit You Aren’t Perfect

Particularly among small companies, honesty is a great way to form a partnership. It’s okay to admit that your business isn’t perfect – you don’t have to pretend to be the best thing that’s ever been created, like so many larger companies do. In face, when partnering with a recruiting firm or similar businesses, this can actually be helpful: Small companies face similar challenges, and being honest enough to admit difficulties and spot true strengths can form powerful bonds.