Founders Brewing and Sara Visser

The Place –

Founders Brewing: Founders is a massively successful regional brewery well know for its strong, unique beers and a constantly rotating list of seasonal favorites and new experiments. This ensures everyone has something exciting to try with every visit! Founds has multiple beautiful taprooms that are home to everything from festivals to beer education courses, so take a look at their website to learn more about local events near you!

The Interview –

Sara Visser: Sara is the founder and editor of The GR Guide, which covers local GR business, attractions, and marketing. Previously she worked as a digital strategist, account manager and marketing influencer at Digital Limelight Media – basically, she knows what she talking about, especially when it comes to marketing your brand the right way! We sat and talked with her about business, life, and what she’s learned about growing a new company.

The State of Business Branding Today (and How to Use Your Strengths Wisely)

Passion Can Be a Powerful Tool

Entrepreneurs are frequently encouraged to turn to their passions when trying to find a successful business model – which is good advice. Our passions are great indicators for what we have the patient and ideas to put into motion. However, it’s important to remember that you can use your passions in many different areas of business, not just the core. Remember to look at your talents and see how they can be used in marketing, leadership, company development, and more.

Methods of Branding Change, but Branding Doesn’t

We know it can be daunting for business leaders to try and create a social media strategy when it seems like the right sites and tactics change every couple of years. The key is to remember that while the methods and mediums that you use may change, branding doesn’t: The things that make your business great will stay the same. You just have to find ways to translate those things in different ways, depending on what people are using these days.

Working with Others is a New Entrepreneurial Power

The “go it alone” mindset is pretty common among entrepreneurs…but times are changing, and there are many new opportunities for ventures and leaders to work together to build young companies. There are many such partnerships – especially with the rise of marketing influencers, which has provided Sara with many opportunities in recent years. Keep in mind, especially in social media settings, that this sort of reciprocity takes some time to rev it: It can be very valuable to spend some time working with others and offering services to establish yourself in online communities and gaining an audience, even if you aren’t directly getting paid for it.

Yes, The World is Becoming More Visual

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of focus on photos and videos in today’s marketing content (see above interview, for example). As Sara says, she puts the greatest focus on Instagram, ahead of even Twitter and Facebook. There’s a good reason for this – branding has always been a very visual process, but it’s more visual than ever before these days. People have grown used to depending on videos and photos to understand a company and its value offering. This may be a change for B2B companies in particular, but it’s important to understand the new role of visual content, and how to use it properly.

What Separates a Hobby From a Business? Usually, Time

When does blogging become a viable job? When does your photography open the door to a new business opportunity? When, essentially, do hobbies become potential new ventures? It’s typically related to how much time you spend on it. Bill Gates was just tinkering in his garage until he got truly invested in the project and started devoting real time to it. If you want your skills or hobbies to become a real business, you have to spend the time on it. This is an important and sometimes difficult transition, so make sure your life is ready for it!

To learn more about social media specifics, what Sara is focusing on today, and lots about what makes Grand Rapids great, watch the full video!