Elk Brewing Company

The Place – Elk Brewing Company: A modern beer garden with years of planning behind it Elk Brewing Company opened in 2014 and was an immediate microbrew hit, eventually leading to a second location in Comstock Park. Elk is known for its fun approach to fruit-infused ales, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The Business Leader – Keith Boswell: Keith works as a consultant and “accelerator” – someone who can step into a business in a digital leadership/consultant position to help transform that business in a cutting edge organization that makes use of the latest technology in all the right ways. What technology, and what right ways? That’s where Keith’s experience comes in! In the past, he has worked as a digital leader at the largest HMO in the country, a top U.S. retailer, and with a number of startups.

Why Businesses Always Need to Push Ahead in Technology

Some Things Remain the Same, But Some Things Change, Fast

Among businesses that need to be “accelerated” there’s often a belief that the core parts of the company that don’t have anything to do with technology – integrity, product quality, a firm handshake, etc. – are all that you need to succeed in business. And that’s half right. Those are the parts of a brand that can often stay the same for decades. But there are other parts of a successful business model – technology, communication methods, industry benchmarks etc. – and these things can change very quickly and constantly. Both are important!

Change Can Be Exponential

If you don’t keep up on tech changes, they have a nasty habit of growing on you. Many technological trends have what seems like exponential growth, radically redefining a process, then redefining again a couple years later, then again, and so on. Just a couple decades ago we thought that dial-up routers were fancy and unnecessary! So it’s important to push ahead into key technology before you get left behind…because in many cases it’s very difficult for the same team to catch up when too much time passes.

It’s Important to Prepare for Bad News

“At least half of my work is in psychology,” jokes Keith – but it’s not really a joke. Technology has an unpleasant way of upending the paradigm just when it gets comfortable. It’s important to keep up with trends (not necessarily adopting them all) so that you aren’t shocked by new requirements you may suddenly learn about, including major overhauls and obsolete tech that is no longer properly supported.

Tech Isn’t Just About Features – It’s About Knowing Who to Trust

Who is a trustworthy vendor for that feature or service you need? Where should your business expand if you need particularly fast internet? What do the latest privacy laws say about how you manage data? One of the most important reasons to keep up on the latest technology in your industry is that you know who and what to trust. Even decisions that may not seem to have anything to do with technology on the surface are often influenced by it in ways you need to expect.

Do You Want to Sell or Change Your Company? You Need to Know Technology

Your company is far more marketable if the technology is up to date! Plus, it will be much easier to make smart restructuring and sales decisions if you are familiar with the latest communication options, data portals, and investor tools. Don’t let a lack of technology ruin your endgame.

Watch our video to learn more about Keith, his history, and how he took advantage of tech trends as an entrepreneur!