7 Monks Taproom and Kristin Britt

The Place – 7 Monks: The 7 Monks Taproom is a casual venue with a beautiful bar area and a long list of events to guarantee there’s always a good excuse to check it out. As you might have guessed, the bar focuses on sour ales, wild ales, Belgian experiments, and other projects that the Trappists would be proud of, all collected from numerous local breweries. Most of these beers aren’t light (there is the occasional lager and saison), but it’s a great way to try out the wilder side of brewing – and may be find a few favorites of your own. The Taproom also has space for private events.

The Business Leader – Kristin Britt: Kristin is a managing partner and attorney with Britt Morant PC. She specializes in Family Law, Divorce, Estate Planning, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Business Law. They are currently getting ready to expand, and the story of how she reached such a position – and the choices she made along the way – is an interesting one!


Gracefully Change Your Career Path

Sometimes You Really Do Have to Move Around

Kristin has had experience in working in a number of different fields, both for herself and for other companies (although she definitely prefers working for herself). This includes graphic design, sales, and finally going for the bar later in life.

These days, millennials may be more understanding of such significant industrial shifts, since it’s more common for young professionals to move around a lot. However, older entrepreneurs may struggle with the concept of moving too far away from what they see as their wheelhouse. Fortunately, the truth is that all kinds of past work experience can help, no matter what kind of business you want to start. You can “bring your history to the table,” as Kristin puts it, and use the experience or contacts you have in new, innovative ways!

It’s Never Too Late for Education

Kristin waited through several careers and significant life changes before deciding to pass the bar and work to open a practice (it had been a long-time dream to become an attorney). It can be done, even if it takes a whole lot of work: Kristin studied while working a full time job and taking care of a child! Many people, even forward-thinking entrepreneurs, balk at going back to school, even if it’s to get certification or follow a dream. The truth is that new education – and new opportunities – are still within your reach, as long as you are willing to carefully plan out your time and work toward what’s most important.

Communication May Be More Important Than You Think

Kristin gets requests for all sorts of advice, including subjects far outside her technical law experience. She has found that, particularly in her profession, there are many talents people with a lot of knowledge, but they haven’t spent much time practicing good communication skills outside a courtroom. That helped Kristin established better relationships with client who were glad to find someone who could talk with them! Is there a similar dearth of communication skills that you can take advantage of in your industry or field?

We Are All in the Trust Business

Ultimately, no matter what business you are starting, trust is key. Your customers and clients need to trust not only in your products and services, but that you’ll help them. That means helping them even if you don’t have what they need or aren’t sure what to do. That kind of trust is invaluable over time.

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