The Place: Billy’s Lounge. Billy’s is an exclusive bar in Eastown that offers everything from candlelight tables to pool and games. The bar specializes in unique daily specials, and while they don’t serve meals, there is plenty of popcorn! There’s nightly music from all kinds of bands, although Billy’s is particularly fond of Blues music.

The Business Leaders: Jack VanGessel and Derek CoppessJack and Derek both work in the real estate world. Jack is a real estate adviser at Northstar Commercial, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Honest Projects, which brings together talented design teams to work on local projects for the best result. Derek is a real estate developer and the found of 616 Development and 616 Lofts, projects which invest in local development.

Young Professionals Aren’t Just Learning Job Skills – They are Learning About Their Purpose

Young professional are going through a very interesting time at this point! Not only are they learning vital job skills and experimenting with different business models (to all of our benefit), they are also learning a lot more about themselves. That means they are still working to discover their purpose and what they want their work life to look like. This is a process that can take many years – and that’s okay! You don’t have to know exactly what you want the minute you start your first job or launch your first company.

Be Careful How You Invest in Your Early Entrepreneurship

Speaking of just starting out, if you’re a young professional thinking about jumping into the entrepreneurship world, then you need to be very careful how you invest! Your funds are limited, and while passion is a good thing, you shouldn’t give it too much control over your major investment decisions. This is an especially common trap in the real estate world, where there are many classes and workshops and “certifications” that don’t really do much at all. Before you spend hard-earned money on training or potential possibilities, think carefully and do your research!

You Don’t Stop Learning In Any Field, and That’s Important

As a follow up to being careful with your early investments, it’s important to understand that you never stop learning! There’s never really a plateau you reach where you’ve learned enough to do everything you want in your industry. Instead, you learn as you are heading toward your next goal, and when that goal is reach, you buckle down for a whole bunch more learning onto the next goal, and so on. As long as you are setting goals, you will continue to learn! And thanks to today’s rapidly changing business models, you’ll get plenty of reminders about how important continual improvement is.

No Entrepreneur Exists Solo: They are All Part of the Community

While Jack and Derek are both very invested in community, it’s important to remember that this holds true for all entrepreneurs. It’s a natural feedback loop. Communities support entrepreneurs and make space for their ideas: Entrepreneurs pump cash back into the community, hire people for more work, and create successful businesses that reinvigorate communities economically (and, sometimes, spiritually). There is no entrepreneur without a community to be a part of!

Good Mentors Don’t Just Answer Questions – They Push/Pull People

Mentorship can sometimes seem like an endless series of questions from someone with less experience to someone with more experience. However, a good mentor will also know when to push their charges into new activities and experiences – as welling as pulling them back from overconfidence when necessary. Pushing is generally more common than pulling, but both have their advantages for mentees.

Putting Together a Good Team Is Incredibly Fulfilling (and More Important Than You Might Think)

You can’t be master of everything! Neither can your partners or employees. We already mentioned that every entrepreneur is part of a community…well, every good entrepreneur is also part of a team. Build a good team, and it will not only be a fulfilling experience for years to come, but also a vital part of a venture’s success. Only with a solid team can a business gather all the right specialties to make things work.