The Place: Perrin Brewing. Perrin Brewing is a pub and microbrewery that offers delicious pub basics and multiple options for sampling beers, filling growlers, or just picking the pint that looks the best out of multiple tiers (a handy way to divide beers by strength rather than the traditional classifications). Stop by, and you have a good chance of catching a cool event, from ban performances to discussions about the latest brews. Oh, and we like their stylish website, too!

The Business Leader: Jeff GorbachJeff is a Chiropractor running a family business that offers all kinds of solutions and treatments for dealing with a variety of injuries, pain, and recovery programs. Chiropractors approach treatment from many different angles to find the best individual solutions for their patients – which is also great practice for running a business! Let’s see what Jeff has to say about his experiences.


Job Shadowing Can Be Effective

Jeff, both early on and when he was training to be a chiropractor, choose to learn more about the job with shadowing programs, mentorships, and other types of training. There are many benefits to choosing this route, especially for more complex professions like chiropractic services: Often the best way to learn the basics and the tricks of such a career is to take a little extra time, find good training options, and keep your eyes open.

This isn’t just true when you’re looking for an apprenticeship or trying to figure out what job field you really like. It also benefits other businesses and practitioners, who in turn learn a whole lot more about training techniques and have a chance to look at things from an outside perspective…in addition to the possibility of finding great new hires.

Relocation Can Be Challenging When You Are In Charge of Your Business

As Jeff relates, one of his big business choices was moving the business he had started – in this case, to Michigan. This isn’t something that’s discussed a lot in the latest entrepreneurship magazines, but starting your own business and then relocating it can be a whole lot of work! A new location, new clients, new state regulations, and a whole new area to market to can all add up to a very demanding transition. If you are thinking about move your business (especially to another state), make sure you have enough time and cash on hand to make the move a success, and don’t be surprised when it gets complicated.

Introductions May Be More Important Than You Think

We all know the value of a first impression, but introductions go far beyond that: They are where key information is exchanged that lays the foundation for a successful client relationship. For example, Jeff is always sure to ask new patients if they’ve been to a chiropractor before: If not, chances are good they don’t know much about chiropractic treatments and what the process looks like. That makes the introduction very important, as Jeff can lay out the basics and help them understand what to expect. This process is true for many business owners in all kinds of industries, both in person and online. Explain what you do, and don’t expect new visitors to understand things on their own!

Who Does the Maintenance in Your Business?

Specifically, how responsible are customers for ongoing maintenance? There are many jobs where you can provide valuable services and products to customers, but it is the customer’s responsibility to use these services and products correctly, and continue with proper use and maintenance on their own.

This is one reason chiropractic professions focus so much on creating a plan for their patients. Chiropractic sessions are only the tip of the iceberg – they can help address key problems, but recovery and healthy living still rely on the patient continuing the right practices when they leave.

If you are in an industry where customers are responsible for a certain amount of maintenance, make sure they are prepared for it. Don’t expect them to always understand what sort of maintenance they need, why it’s important, or what will happen if they don’t do any maintenance on their own. Explain it, create a plan, offer more in-depth services if necessary, and provide your customers with guides on the steps they should be taking. This helps ensure satisfaction with the results that you provide.