While LinkedIn is commonly seen as a networking and job search platform, it can be much more! If you want to increase your engagement, web traffic or leads, LinkedIn ads are worth consideration. It’s okay if that sounds a little strange to you – businesses, especially B2B companies, aren’t used to thinking about LinkedIn as an ideal ad platform. But it’s time to take a closer look.

In fact, LinkedIn is friendlier to advertisers than ever before: Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been making changes to their news feeds that make them friendlier for casual users, but also make it a bit harder for businesses to get their content seen. LinkedIn, meanwhile, has been moving in the opposite direction, making its platform friendlier than ever for businesses that want to get more engagement and really see some ROI returns, especially in the B2B world. After all, people don’t visit LinkedIn to look at babies and puppies – they’re already in a business frame of mind, and more likely to engage with ad content.

So let’s go over three big reasons LinkedIn is an excellent place for ads, and a few tips on creating LinkedIn ads when you’re ready!

1. LinkedIn Drives Social Traffic

Not sure if your audience really pays attention to LinkedIn ads? There’s a great chance they do. These days, LinkedIn drives around half of all social traffic toward B2B blogs and websites, all by itself. When polled, more than 90% of B2B marketers said that LinkedIn was the most effective site for lead generation. And the platform has only grown more popular in this regard with the latest changes that LinkedIn has made, updating features and making it easier for businesses to market themselves.

2. LinkedIn Advertising is Versatile

LinkedIn offers three different ad types to start with, and allows you to customize them further after that. First is the Sponsored Content ad, which are made of images and texts and can also include web forms as part of an extended CTA. Second are Text Ads, small pieces of text with your company logo included, designed for short and sweet messages. Third are Sponsored InMails, more direct options that allow you to send personalized messages via LinkedIn’s mail system. You can use these three ad options to create whatever kind of campaign you want.

3. Target Options are Strong

LinkedIn also offers some great targeting to narrow your audience down even further. Want to focus on people who work in a specific position, or even for a rival company? You can do it. Need to specify location, age, or special interests? No problem! Want to use your email list as a starting place? LinkedIn will help out. You can even specific certain ads for remarketing if you want to give your audience a second push to check out your company.

Tips on Successful LinkedIn Advertising

Know Your Goals: With several different ad options, it’s important to first know your goals for LinkedIn advertising. While LinkedIn’s advertising creation toolset is very easy to use (in fact, we’re big fans of just how simple they made it), you will still need to make important choices about how you want your ads to function. Are you primarily interested in bring in more traffic to your website? Think about using Sponsored Content for this.  Are you trying to find more high quality leads? The direct nature of Sponsored InMails can help with that. Are you trying to get more web forms filled out, or find specific talent to hire? Or maybe you’re just trying to raise general brand awareness? You can customize your ads for all of that, but it’s key to have a goal firmly in mind before you begin.

Plan Your Budget First: LinkedIn will ask you to set a time length for the ad campaign, and how much that you are willing to spend per day (plus or minus 20%, so leave some room here). Make these decisions ahead of time with an eye on your marketing budget. While LinkedIn ads have a high effectiveness rating, they are also in high demand, which means there’s a lot of competitive bidding going on for LinkedIn ad space (and it’s probably not going to get any better). Expect to pay significantly more for these ads than you would someplace like Facebook, and price your bids accordingly.

Rotate Your Ads Out: You don’t want the professionals on LinkedIn to get bored or annoyed with your ads. Have a plan to rotate your ads regularly with new versions to reach your target audience most effectively. This will also allow you to continually test your ads with this audience and find which approaches are most effective. It’s a good idea for any advertising, but especially important on LinkedIn to get the most from your campaign.

Choose the Optimize Click-Through Option: When picking your budget, LinkedIn will also ask you to choose an ad rotation mode. Make sure you choose the “optimize click-through rate” option here. This will favor the ads that get more clicks, automatically showing your most successful ads more often. The only reason to not choose this option is if you have a lot of different ads with very different purposes and target audiences.