Here at 21 Handshake, we have licensed drone operators to help produce valuable in-air footage of job sites, finished projects, and much more. If you’re wondering why, then it may be time to jump on the massive growth of drone use in the building and construction industry! Drones are the cheapest way to take high-quality photos and video from a variety of angles, across any size of site – which is why drone use on site has grown by 239% just last year alone. Check out the top advantages that drone use can bring.

Collecting Promo Shots

This is an excellent option for the average building company, because it doesn’t take a direct investment in drones, and offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling your drone photography or video. This method uses drones to take promo shots of finished projects, which you can then use in multiple marketing materials over the long term.

Drone promo shots like this accomplish a couple of valuable goals. First, they show leads and returning customers that you are willing to adopt new technology and continue to improve how you showcase projects, which says a lot about your overall quality. Second, drone shots can provide some of the most beautiful and information-rich content available. Taking photos and video from the ground greatly limits how much of a site you can capture at one time. Drone photography, on the other hand, excels at capturing full sites from clear vantage points. In addition to other benefits, this gives leads a lot more information to look at as they study your business, and shows off your work in the best light.

Capturing Milestones and Work Over Time

Lets talk about two related concepts: Capturing milestones and work over time with drones. Again, the drone vantage point comes in useful for charting overall progress at building sites. This is particularly handy when charting milestones, particularly milestones that are linked to payment via specific contract requirements. Drone footage provides a clear record of progress that cannot be denied, making it especially useful when working with these types of milestones. Even if a contract doesn’t include those type of milestones, owners and developers still appreciate seeing the “bird’s eye” view of what’s been accomplished so far.

You can think of work over time, meanwhile, as more about marketing content. Showing a building site at different stages of progress is a great way to communicate your value, and the scale of the projects you have worked on. There’s also a lot you can do with time-lapse video, photo galleries, and other content options depending on your needs. If you are working over a significant amount of time on project, drone footage can help you share just how much your company has really accomplished!

Planning Site Work and Routes

During the planning stages, pre-construction requires gathering a lot of information about the site itself, what needs to be done, and the order of priority. Here drone footage shines, as it allows you to quickly document the scope of the project, the terrain involved, and other important details about the physical location. Armed with this information, you can make faster and better pre-construction decisions about site work, the best routes to take, the best storage spots, and so on. This content also makes great “before” footage when documenting project stages! Additional footage may also help to create a cleanup plan, or help shift into another building stage more efficiently.

Risk Mitigation

On a related note, we’re also seeing a rising in drone footage used for risk mitigation. This is similar to pre-construction planning, but it’s focused primarily on identifying job site risks, and mitigating or avoiding those risks. This is particularly useful on larger sites, or sites that include more hazards than usual.

Disaster Recovery

Drone footage creates a record of where everything (supplies, equipment, etc.) was and what stage the project was in. That’s very valuable information if something goes wrong – for example, if a storm or flooding disrupt the job site, drone photos provide a way to recover quickly and get on with work.

Improved Bidding

When you can use drone footage for site analysis, your ability to accurately and quickly make bids also improves. This can help you compete more competitively in your market space, and acquire a better understanding of projects before you enter into a contract.

How do you utilize drones in your industry? Let us know by tagging us @21Handshake!