Are you an entrepreneur looking for marketing advice? Or do you work on a marketing team, and are just looking for someone to bounce ideas or strategy off of? Or maybe just don’t have the budget to hire a full service marketing agency? Well we may have your solution – introducing COACH by 21 Handshake. Normally, we’re a full service digital marketing company…but we realize there are lot of folks out there who are just looking for some experienced marketers to bounce ideas off of, or to look over your shoulder. That’s why we created Coach. Ask us anything you want (via Slack, Loom or scheduled video calls). Not only will you get access to our brains and advice, but through years of experience, hundreds of thousands of dollars in add spend, hundreds of marketing videos produced, we’ve arrived at the 9 step process we use today…designed to make digital marketing easy to follow – there’s so much information and shared knowledge out there these days, it’s no wonder you could feel overwhelmed by all of it. But one thing we want to clear up: you’re still in charge of execution of marketing, not us.

Marketing coaching can help you communicate more effectively, increase revenue, attract more referrals, and build your reputation! Our 9 step marketing process, which covers everything from branding to becoming a market authority is not just about driving business but also about developing your skills as a leader in your community. Working with Coach by 21 Handshake means you are working with someone dedicated to your business’s success. Fill out this application and let’s get started!


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