Getting traction in the B2B home product market can be challenging: with so many choices on the market, you’ll need to stand out. After leaning on product features, what else can you add to your advertising arsenal to come out on top? Here’s a little secret about crafting a message they’ll remember: success is as much about the whereas the what. If you’re relying on static product images and descriptions to spark interest in your B2B business, you’re literally selling your business short.

Shaking Things Up

In a sea of similar, unstaged visuals, each product you offer doesn’t stand much of a chance to, well, stand out. The varied settings and styles of images on an image-driven platform like Houzz enable you to draw the viewer in by showing your products both individually and staged rooms. Much like Pinterest, these images are used to convey ideas, and can be easily shared throughout an organization to demonstrate a desired “feel.” If your product is easy to distinguish from within that widely-shared image, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Cross-Indexing Power

The strongest benefits of a platform like Houzz are found in versatility. Site users may be seeking professionals – such as carpenters or masons – or finished products to complete their renovations or builds. Rather than just capturing eyes at a single stage of the buyer journey – purchasing – you’ll be engaging them at every stage, from conceptualizing to final purchasing.  With the right placement and smart content timing, you can even influence this buyer journey throughout its growth, organically infusing your products and brand message.

Success Stories in Full Color

While putting a usage story on every product page on your sales site might be overkill, Houzz allows you to place this type of content anywhere you like without seeming disruptive. While you’ll still need to create the initial content. once it’s completed, you can easily use the platform to make a de facto drip campaign of rich, visual content. Standalone images and product stories can be woven into a network of usage stories, image boards, and narratives that put your brand in a positive, compelling light without being overly “salesy.”

A Site Content Experience…Without Navigation

Getting a busy B2B client to click through every page on your website is a tall order, and makes research feel plodding rather than organic. Houzz allows you to place the best bits of your product-centric content front and center, without requiring them to navigate through your site pages. That lets you get more of your brand story in front of the right eyes, increasing conversion and sparking ongoing interest.

If you’re looking to engage with more B2B home product buyers, Houzz is one opportunity you can’t afford to overlook. Whether you tackle getting into the platform on your own or look to a professional for marketing guidance along the way, it could be the difference between building your business or standing still.

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