Forget about selling products.

That’s right — if you want to create a rapport with your customers on social media, just forget (for a minute) about selling them your products. Think about ways to help them, instead. Or, tell them how easy it is to complete a dynamite DIY project: Everyone loves a success story! You can even attract a following with a warning about what not to do!

If you spend any time at all wandering through the maze of social media posts — whether on Facebook, a blog you love, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn — you know you pause for stories about real people and real events. Use that philosophy to get personal about your community and to interact with homeowners, builders, suppliers and the public. Support community events that you believe in. Don’t overdo it, but attract attention with pictures of animals and cute children: They will outperform images of wood flooring, a new nail gun or even a brand new pickup.

That’s just the way it is!

Content Marketing Is the New Roadmap to Sales

In the “dark ages” of product advertising and merchandise marketing, all you had to do was offer a good price on the products that your customers needed and they would come knocking at your door. Right? Today, that doesn’t happen, at least not as much. Selling has become more complicated and buyers are more discerning. The digital age has changed everything. Pricing has become more competitive, and online shopping, including price comparisons, are the new normal. No matter how congenial your relationship with your customers may be, you have to do more than simply have great products at good prices.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Here are 7 easy ways to grab customer attention:

  1. Be surprising. Post a story, complete with statistical or resource information about an interesting local topic. It doesn’t have to be a major news item. Maybe you could do a survey of remodeling permits issued in your community over the past year. Include quotes from city inspectors, or from homeowners. Or include photos.
  2. Capitalize on a Trend: If it’s spring planting time, write a post about backyard herb gardens, growing container tomatoes or keeping the grass weed-free naturally.
  3. Show and Tell: Use pictures and great photographs. They’re worth 1,000 words, you know.
  4. Tell an Amusing Story: Tell a simple joke about a product or project gone wrong. If you can laugh about the subject, other people will smile too, and they’ll appreciate a lighthearted moment!
  5. Run a Quiz: Test your customer’s knowledge on the use of proper tools and equipment. Offer a small discount or some other incentive for a high score. Or sponsor an introductory webinar for anyone interested in learning a specific technique.
  6. Provide a Warning: Talk about proper safety precautions and protective gear; detail what to include in a home safety kit. Consider a guest post from a medical professional about poisons or common home injuries. Or run information about air quality and include environmental information about popular products.
  7. Share an Inspiring Story. Have you ever noticed that evening new programs often save the “good news” of the day for the closing story? People love to be inspired. Encourage your customers to share success stories; then share those successes with your social media audience. Encourage comments.

Believe us. It works! Also, we’re just bursting with new ideas, so if you need help, just holler!

Social Media Copywriting Formulas (2 versions) use this link: