How are you using LinkedIn these days? For some companies, their LinkedIn profile can become a quick pit stop – something kept alive and running with basic information to help with jobseekers or network with others, but not really a big part of marketing campaigns.

Today, LinkedIn business pages are better than ever at providing information, showcasing content, and generally helping create leads and improve brand performance…along with helping you find the top talent in your location, of course. If you don’t have comprehensive plan for your LinkedIn page, here are several reasons to think about it.

Talented Professionals Pay a Lot of Attention to Business LinkedIn Pages

Today’s jobseekers are making a lot of decisions based on  what employer LinkedIn pages look like. Many of them may never even take the time to visit a brand website. That’s why it’s always a good idea for a company to consider: If a jobseeker judges you only by your LinkedIn page, what would they think?

If the answer isn’t as impressive as you’d like, it could be time to consider a comprehensive redesign of your LinkedIn page to make it as inviting and informative as possible. Remember, while talented jobseekers are certainly looking for details, they also make up their minds about a company based on the visual content that they see. Don’t be afraid to use large photos and video on LinkedIn! These can be very powerful tools for getting a larger recruitment pool.

And as a final note for this section, this is also a good time to check out your competitors’ LinkedIn pages and see how they are set up. The best talent in your area will probably be comparing your LinkedIn pages directly, so you should too! Take note of what you find impressive and what you are doing better than they are.

….And They Don’t Have As Much Time as They Used To

Don’t make information about your company hard to find! Jobseekers visiting LinkedIn are probably switching rapidly between various LinkedIn pages and doing a whole lot of research as quickly as they can. This is another important reason to use visual content where possible in your LinkedIn profile. Images, infographics about your company, short video clips – it can all help!

Also, think about your profile from a top-down look. Beyond the basic information, how easy is it for visitors to find out the most important things about your company? If they can’t do it in just a few seconds, it’s probably time to rearrange things and make sure that everyone can get their answers fast and immediately dive into what your company is like.

LinkedIn is Good for SEO

Not everyone considers this, but all your contact on LinkedIn also affects your general SEO. LinkedIn is actually a great place to use content because it’s an authoritative and respected site, and Google will probably reward you if it sees mentions of your brand over there. Even small things like accurate contact information on your LinkedIn page will be good for your local SEO. If your company’s page is a little bare-bones, you may not be missing out on these SEO benefits.

A Cohesive Page Enables Great Content and News Sharing

LinkedIn is used for a lot more than just connecting with jobseekers and business partners! It’s a great place to build your reputation as an authority in your industry with some great content. If your business page isn’t showcasing such content, you’re missing an important opportunity. Effective LinkedIn page content can include:

  • Posts
  • Portfolios
  • Think Piece
  • Helpful Links
  • Testimonials

LinkedIn Ad Targeting and Communication Has Never Been Better

LinkedIn has a very competitive ad market with ads that do dramatically better than their equivalent versions on Facebook and other sites. The recent changes that LinkedIn has made to its ad placements and general design have made it much easier to create and target specific kinds of ads on the platform. The new design also comes with benefits for sending messages on LinkedIn, creating page tags for easier searching, and other major benefits.

It Gives Your Employees a Starting Place for Brand Representation

LinkedIn’s networking features make it a great place for your employees to work on brand representation. How often do your employees hop online to discuss events, share content with their peers, and expand your social media reach? If they don’t please encourage them to do this, especially with important pieces of content or key discounts that you are running: Your employees can help spread the word about these things easily (especially if you give them a little free time at work to do so).

LinkedIn, as a professional network, is ideal for your employees to share information or participate in discussions as well – even if they may not feel comfortable doing so on their private social networks.